What to Do This Weekend

Victor's Picks: Jay Z, Jill Scott, Slash, skating (maybe) and the always awesome Globetrotters

The damp weekend might spell trouble for the final days of the River Rink (nothing worse than cold, bruised, and wet), but there’s plenty else to keep you occupied (and dry).

Got kids? Show them what a lousy basketball player dad really is with a trip to the always-fun Harlem Globetrotters. Or, check out the free (except for all the stuff you’re gonna buy from the market) Center City Playdate at the Comcast Center.

Got bling? There’s Jay-Z, although you better know someone, because it’s sold, sold out.

Got an undeniable urge to drink a fair amount of really good beer? There’s room on the Craft Beer Express bus.

Got plans already? Tickets go on sale this weekend for Slash (yes, Slash), Elton John, and hometown heroine Jill Scott, so don’t miss out.

For more cool things to do in Philly, check out Wednesday’s edition of The Weekender. —Victor Fiorillo