Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Jim Schindler

A 39-year-old sign-equipment salesman and self-proclaimed fast-food junkie. “The only thing I like better than bacon is cheese-covered bacon.”

Monday, February 15th – 21st

It was a pretty good weekend.  I stuck to my diet the whole time and while I ate well, I only ate food that we talked about in training.  My morning workout at the gym was on my arms and abs.  I’m still losing a few pounds per week, but I am surprised that I have not see quicker results.  My diet is dramatically different and I thought that I would shed pounds quicker.  Chris, my trainer, reminded me that it’s only been three weeks.  The weight will come off if I continue to follow the diet and exercise routine.

Today I wore an overcoat that I had not worn in years.  It felt great because it was a very nice coat that I tucked away hoping that someday I would be thin enough to wear it. 
I met our dietician, Brittany, at the Sweat fitness in the city tonight.  We talked a lot about menus and healthy alternatives.  We really spent time talking about different meal combinations so that eating the right way is something that I can do long after the contest has ended. 
Today I did the same interval cardio workout on the treadmill.  Since I did not get home until late, I did not push myself too hard.  I’m going to the gym in the morning and I want to be fresh for my workout.

Worked on arms and shoulders today at the gym.  Between sets I ran on the treadmill to get a complete workout.  I like the morning trips because I am done for the day before work.
I’ve been eating more soups this week.  I use store bought chicken broth and add whatever vegetables we have in the house.

Tonight I went to spin class.  I’m getting a little better every week and I would love to take more classes.  However it seems like every week I have a conflict with the class.  I was very hungry after class and it seemed like I could not eat enough to fill myself tonight.  When I’m hungry I eat fruit so I guess it’s not too bad if I eat extra.

Today I was tired.  I woke up early because I wanted to work out before my meetings.  On the way to Sweat Fitness I realized that I’ve worked out for 8 straight days.  I’m going to take tomorrow off and pick up again on Sunday.  I hope that I can stick to the diet this weekend.

My big challenge on Saturdays continues to be my diet.  I have no problem restricting myself to the right foods.  My problem is that I eat too much because I’m not working.  Today we were busy so that was not much of a problem.  I did a light running workout on the treadmill tonight.

Today I shopped for the week, buying produce and vegetables.  I’m eating a lot of chicken so I went to the store to get fish but nothing seemed great.  I might have better luck purchasing fish during the week at a fish market.  I’m very proud of the fact that we have been able to eat such a large variety of food while sticking to my diet.  Tonight I did an interval workout on the treadmill.  This is a new workout that the trainer designed for me.