Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Jim Schindler

A 39-year-old sign-equipment salesman and self-proclaimed fast-food junkie. “The only thing I like better than bacon is cheese-covered bacon.”

Very intense workout this morning with Chris.  He does not want me to work out tonight.  He wants me to recover and run tomorrow, resting Sunday.  Chris gave me a menu for the weekend.

I woke up in the middle of the night in pain.  Both of my shoulders were sore from the arm workout that we did yesterday.  We received about 16 inches of snow today.  It was a great day to stay inside, light the fire, and relax.  I did go out and shovel snow today, which was more or a workout than I anticipated.

Even with the snow shoveling, I considered yesterday to be my rest day.  So I was back on the treadmill today for a light workout before the week starts.  I’ve been very good about watching calories and made it to the store today with a list of things to kick off the week.  I’m buying more fruits and vegetables so I’m at the store a few times per week.

Monday, February 8th – 14th

I was on the road today.  Before leaving the house I packed a meal of pineapple, an apple, and water.  I also knew that I would stop somewhere for lunch.  Chris wants me to eat smaller meals every three hours.
I went to Spin Class tonight and I have an early morning workout with Chris in the morning.

Chris and I worked on arms and abs today.  We had a very good workout followed by an interview with channel 6.  I was so tired that I’m not sure that they will be able to salvage anything from the footage.  I can’t even remember the questions or my responses.  This week is a bit backwards because of the interview I will be doing cardio Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Snow, Snow, Snow.  We received 18 inches of snow today.  My workout consisted of shoveling snow since I was stuck in the house.  I planned on running tonight on the treadmill but our power went out so that will have to wait.  No problems with the diet today.

The King of Prussia gym opened late and my workout with Chris was postponed until tomorrow.  I’m glad because we were without power overnight.  It was out for 17 hours.  It was a bit cold and I needed to finished digging out the cars and help my elderly neighbors.  I’m behind on cardio because I was a bit tired at night and I wanted to be fresh for tomorrow.

I’m still dropping weight, which feels good since I have been stuck in the house all week.  Chris and I had a very intense workout today.  I’m going to concentrate on eating small meals and cardio workouts all weekend.  I will not need a day off since I did not work out yesterday.  I want to build momentum for next week.