Endless Summer Fun: Sports and Activities


Dying to join the horsey set, but scared to buy a mare? Chamounix Equestrian Center to the rescue! You can lease a horse, plus equipment, plus riding lessons, for $350 a month. Cost: $$$. 98 Chamounix Drive, 215-877-4419, worktoride.net

If that seems steep, Chamounix has free ­horses for adoption. Choose Beuda or Amber. So. Now you have a horse. Congratulations! Cost: $$.

Maybe you didn’t really want a horse? That’s okay. We know this cute little painted pony right by the automatic doors at Superfresh. It’s four quarters to ride.Cost: $.

Go hunting

Your day to stalk prey! Poco Loco Paintball offers a full-day package —
gun, goggles, CO2/N2 refills, plus 500 paintballs — for $55 per person.
Cost: $$$. 134 Kurtz Road, New Hanover, 877-529-4373, pocolocopaintball.com

Mayhem plus refreshment equals water balloons at 20 paces!
Grab a bag of bladders at the Dollar Store, fill them at the back faucet,
tie them off, and stalk the neighbor kids. Cost: $.

Throw something

Dig up some wild clay. Philly’s built on a giant clay bed, didja know? (It’s what bricks are made of.) Walk along a creek or river and look for smooth gray patches on the banks or underwater. When you find a likely spot, attack with your fingers or a trowel; if you’re lucky, you’ll strike clay. Dig some out (don’t be a pig), keep it moist in a plastic bag, take it home, sculpt your little heart out, let the results dry, then paint with poster paint. Cost: $.

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