Pulse: Chatter: Brooke De la Villanova: High Society

It’s a lighter shade of pale at Rouge, munchkins, as longtime hostess Reenie McDonnell is out the door in an apparent kerfuffle with owners Rob and Maggie Wasserman that Rittenhouse regulars whisper may end up in court. … Now here’s how you propose, gentlemen: Management consultant Jeremiah White asked Eagles veep Pamela Browner for her hand with three engagement rings to choose from. … News of Ed Snider’s imminent divorce from third wife Christine surfaced as he was seen with former flame Roseanne Martin, who also counts Vince Fumo and Georges Perrier as exes. Could there be a future ring around the Rosie? … And who was out noshing at Hymie’s in Merion but Real Housewives of New York diva Bethenny Frankel? Dare we hope for The Real Housewives of the Main Line? As Edgar said of his pastrami: How delish!