ON THE HOMEFRONT: Center City’s Newest (Literally!) Green Store

Home editor Lauren McCutcheon gets inspired by the flora at Midtown Village’s Verde

Just in time for those of us who desperately need to figure out what to do with our very own gray gardens and empty windowsills comes Verde, the latest and most Center City-est of urban gardening shops. And it’s got just what every city gardener needs: First and foremost, chocolates — house-made and infused with coffee, toffee, rum or whiskey. And, well, since you won’t be starting that garden today (right?), there are fresh flowers like just-cut-24-hours-ago peonies and au naturel blooms from local Amish farmers. (Oh yes, and self-watering planters, because, who has time to water? — and air plants, because you might have time to mist.)

Also for sale: earth-friendly candles and soaps, virtually indestructible flowering succulents, and English trowels and tools that will look great on any shelf.

Who came up with this brilliant idea? Well, here’s a clue: Verde resides on 13th Street between Chestnut and Sansom within whispering distance of Open House, Lolita, Grocery and Bindi. This is the stylish domain of unstoppable duo Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney, who understand that while we all may have time to stop and smell the roses, we don’t have time to prune them.

P.S. The shop stays open until 8 p.m. for last-minute bouquets (and chocolates)!
108 S. 13th Street, 215-546-8700, verdephiladelphia.com