Pulse: Pursuits: Q&A: Boyz II Men

This month, the three remaining members of Boyz II Men bring their 21-year tightly harmonized repertoire to Resorts. We phoned one of the Boyz to see if MotownPhilly is indeed back again.

So. You’re the skinny one. Yeah, this is Shawn, and I am the skinny one.

Your most recent album was Motown covers. Why no originals? We just felt it was the right time for the Motown. An original album from Boyz II Men might not have been looked on as well at that time.

Here’s a million-dollar idea: Metallica covers. I would love that. Coincidentally, I am a huge Metallica fan.   

Weird. What does your old ’hood think about that? I had to be a closeted metal head. My ’hood was Southwest Philly, so…

Will you visit Philly this month? When I go to casinos, I just stay at the poker tables.