A Brilliant Idea for BYOBs

Philly is a BYO town, and now Funky Lil' Kitchen chef Michael Falcone has come up with a way to make them even more appealing

It was while standing in line at a convenience store that chef Michael Falcone of Pottstown’s Funky Lil’ Kitchen got a big idea for his BYOB. He noticed the “give a penny, take a penny” tray and wondered if the same principle might work with bottles of wine.

Often, diners arrive at BYOBs empty-handed because they either didn’t realize the restaurant had no bar or they simply forgot. Those who find themselves in this situation at Funky Lil’ Kitchen can now simply take a bottle from the restaurant’s budding supply — as long as they promise to bring in an extra bottle for the stash on their next trip. Besides the obvious convenience factor, this program may even help diners discover new favorite bottles and share their own wine picks with other diners. So if you find yourself without a bottle in Pottstown, Funky Lil’ Kitchen has you covered. Just remember to come back and return the favor.

232 King Street, Pottstown, 610-326-7400