Pulse: Chatter: Brooke De la Villanova: High Society: January 2009

Are you, like Edgar, feeling a tad portly after this season’s binge? The place to take your designer sweats is evidently Joe Zarett’s new Rittenhouse gym, whose rainy opening attracted a decidedly non-sweaty A-List that included not only fitness guru Pat Croce and wife Diane, but Paul and Wendy Rosen, Michael and Lavinia Smerconish, Arlen and Shanin Specter, Marc Vetri, Nelson Diaz, Rich Castor (with squeeze Mary Parenti), and Jeff Benjamin. Made a date with Ann Snyder for Pilates! … My daughter Maine dragged me to G Lounge for its Drambuie event with “dreamy” (her word) actor Seann William Scott, who told us he loves Philly architecture (but, alas, did not tell us he loved my new caftan from Suky). He also confided that he found Philadelphia women attractive: “Every girl I’ve seen in Philly is hot.” … And speaking of beauty, overheard at Haverford’s Du Jour market, from one fabulista to another: “Money on the Main Line is so tight these days that socialites are turning to at-home dye jobs!” Lady Clairol at the Academy Ball — who knew?