Web Original: In Search Of … Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t crave hot chocolate this time of year? It’s sweet and soothing and just one mug can make the winter chill and holiday stress melt away. Until January 1st, when those New Year’s resolutions take effect, I’ll be drinking these three versions to ensure warm hands and holiday cheer …

Naked Chocolate Café
This isn’t the cocoa you remember from childhood. Naked Chocolate takes its drinking chocolates very seriously: Thick, dark and powerfully rich, a demitasse of this stuff looks like a small serving, but will satisfy even the most intense craving.

Rim Café
After you’ve stocked up on fancy cheese and bricks of torrone from the Italian Market, head south to Rim for a sweet cup of creamy, hot white chocolate. This version is sweet and light — nothing like the deep, dark stuff you’ll find at Naked Chocolate.

Come in from the cold after a day of Old City shopping and order the new Hot Eclat at Fork: A spiked version of the classic that mixes rum and Bailey’s with steamed milk, and, of course, a wand of dreamy Eclat chocolate that melts in your glass as you stir.