Health: Web Original: A New Way to Whittle Your Waist

A European twist on walking fights plateaus with poles

Some of us stroll while others strut, but if you’re looking to pump up the calorie burn of your regular walks, try Nordic walking. Developed in the
1930’s by Finnish cross-country skiers as an off-season workout, it’s now offered every Wednesday at Club La Maison in Wayne.

“I was looking for a sport that would be fun, strengthen my core muscles and raise my heart rate,” says Lisa Endlich, the only PA instructor certified through the International Nordic Walking Association and who’s been leading the class since early October. Falling into the sport after undergoing back surgery four years ago, Endlich loved the idea of a low-impact workout that was also a challenge.

Because this is no walk in the park: The calorie burn beats regular walking by almost 200 more per hour, and ups heart rate by 15 percent. The reason? Poles. Holding one in each hand, the motion forces your core to twist, shoulders to work, and your stride to widen. Which means rock-hard abs, supermodel posture and a better sweat session.

Can’t make it to class? Find poles at Nestor’s Sporting Goods and rock that body solo.