Taste: Dinner With … Sommelier Melissa Monosoff

of Savona in Gulph Mills; spokeswoman for PLCB

First taste of wine: At the synagogue when I was three. My parents thought it was grape juice, but it was ­really Manischewitz. I was running around like crazy, and then I fell asleep under a table. I didn’t touch wine again until I was 23.
My drink: I’m always on the lookout for a great beer. Most often I go for the locals, especially Victory.

Most recent meal: Coffee, granola bar and gum.

Embarrassing food love: Peanut butter and jelly ­sandwiches.

Least favorite food: I can’t eat provolone cheese or Chinese food.

Top Philly classic: Roast pork and broccoli rabe. At a baseball or basketball game.

Wine region to watch: Patagonia in Southern Chile, for intriguing gewürztraminer and pinot noir wines.

Fondest food memory: Tasting incredible champagne and eating fresh-baked brioche at ­Diebolt-Vallois in Champagne. I had tears in my eyes.

Ultimate wine: I could definitely live on great champagne.