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Simple steps to bureau beauty

GOOD FURNITURE STANDS STURDILY, offering form and function until we relegate the tired and timeworn to the attic. Dusting off and sprucing up a forgotten chest of drawers — with a little help from the pros — will give you a piece that looks brand-new but still feels like home. We’re taking our inspiration from Philly designer Michael Shannon’s makeover of this maple dresser, reborn as a posh spot for storage that gives a glam revamp to any room. By-the-hour design services by appointment. DesignSource at Michael Shannon Designs, 119 South Juniper Street, 215-717-5145, michaelshannondesigns.com.

New hardware equals instant upgrade. Shannon took polished brass pulls to the savvy refinishers at Wade Technology (445 North 11th Street, 215-765-2453) for a chrome job.

A pretty paisley liner makes a secretive statement. The best part? You can splurge on a big-ticket design — Shannon used Cole & Son Malabar wallpaper — because you only need a few yards. TIP: Start by papering the sides, overlapping paper by an inch onto the bottom. When you set the bottom piece, you’ll get crisp lines at the corners.

White lacquer gives surface gleam to what was plain old maple. TIP: For a polished look, take the dresser to the furniture experts at Martin Industries (2810 East Victoria Street, 215-426-7890), so they can professionally apply the glossy lacquer. (They use an industrial sprayer so there are no brush marks.)