The Good Life: Style: Kick Stands

Philly style-istas may lament what the city lacks (oh, Barneys!), but we rule on one front: fashion-forward sneakers. From South Street’s funk skate shops to gems like Kicks USA, you could drown while shopping for new spring sneaks. Instead, use this guide to some of our favorite haunts.

IF YOU WANT: A pair that looks as good with jeans as it does with skirts or pants.
CHECK OUT: Puma. We have a crush on the dainty “Contre Lace” (right, $70) and sleek Ferrair-branded dress sneakers, as well as those mixed-material brights we’ve come to expect.
1505 Walnut Street, 215-569-4785;

IF YOU WANT: A pair that’s so this-minute — but not so expensive.
CHECK OUT: Urban Outfitters. Shoppers over age 21 can succeed in Urban’s carefully stocked sneaker department. Try on comfy Nike Spring Sisters (left, $40) or Varvatos-like Chuck Taylors. It’ll be our little secret — if your 16-year-old doesn’t spill the beans.
Multiple locations; see

IF YOU WANT: A pair like the ones you’ve never forgiven your mother for throwing out in `78.
CHECK OUT: Adidas Originals. The Philly outpost has an edited, boutique-like “lifestyle” collection with hits like “Chile” (right, $80) as well as old-school favorites like gray cotton “Table Tennis” sneaks and black-and-silver “Beckenbauer Allrounds.”
436 South Street, 267-514-1952;

IF YOU WANT: A pair like the ones you bought in Italy last year.
CHECK OUT: Neiman Marcus. The obvious choice for tres Euro everything; Neiman’s sneakers are no exception. Besides these versatile Pradas (right, $370), thy stock hard-to-find Chanel and Gucci.
The Plaza at King of Prussia, 610-354-0500;

IF YOU WANT: A pair no one else will have.
CHECK OUT: Ubiq. So hard-to-get does Ubiq play that it wouldn’t even lend us samples for our photo shoot: We had to drop $100 for the new Nike “Dunks” (left) — which may be sold out by the time you read this. Tip: For a bigger selection, hit the Gallery store; for more limited-edition collections, stick to the one on Walnut Street.
Multiple locations; see