Best of Philly 2005: Nightlife & Bars

Where to drink, dance and hook up

Places to pick up a lawyer: Capital Grille and Marathon Grill Commerce Square If you’re thinking older and divorced, the bar at the Capital Grille at 5:45 p.m. on a Thursday night draws more personal injury lawyers than a SEPTA bus accident. If you’re thinking young, cute and corporate, try Marathon Grill Commerce Square’s outdoor happy hour, where 28-year-old associates gather on Fridays (Capital Grille, 1338 Chestnut Street, 215-545-9588; ­Marathon Grill Commerce Square, 2001 Market Street, 215-568-7766).

Cheap, Ridiculously Named Cocktails That Will Knock You On Your Butt:
Among the drinks at Chinatown’s hippest restaurant: the Suffering Bastard (rum, sour mix, and pineapple and orange juices); the Virgin’s Downfall (whiskey, vodka, grenadine and OJ); and the ever-eruptive Flaming Volcano (rum, vodka, gin, brandy and grenadine, with pineapple juice) (221 North 11th Street; 215-592-1163).

Bar at the King of Prussia Mall: Morton’s Walk past the screaming babies and grim parents at California Pizza Kitchen, head down the escalator, turn left, and you’ll see a small door marked MORTON’S. Right across the dining room is the dimly lit, quiet mahogany bar, where a huge and excellent martini awaits (500 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia; 610-491-1900).

Place to flirt with Pat Burrell: All over town! If you want to find the hot Phillie, it helps to a) be a model; b) start with dinner at Capital Grille (see above; it’s also a favorite haunt of Eagles, Flyers and Sixers); and c) lounge at 32˚ in Old City, and at about 1 a.m. head uptown to Denim Lounge and the Walnut Room.

Place to make a deal: Swann Lounge There is no place more serene, sexy and beautifully groomed than the bar at Four Seasons. The moment your guest sinks back into the overstuffed little sofas, the deal is done. That’s either business or pleasure (1 Logan Square; 215-963-1500).

Jukebox: Drinker’s Tavern The ’box at this rowdy Real World favorite has Justin Timberlake, Slayer, and everything in between. And we’re pretty sure that covers everything (124 Market Street, 215-351-0141; 1903 Chestnut Street, 215-564-0914).