Health: V-Day: Open, Heart

Try this yoga pose before heading out with your honey on V-day


Saturday morning I was sweating it out with a class at Power Yoga Works in Malvern. Toward the end of the 90-minute Vinyasa series, Colleen put us through a round of backbends that left us all breathless — and undeniably, wonderfully open and wrung free of any last bits of hidden stress.

“These are great for your hearts,” she told us, as I lifted my body up into the third bend. “It’s the perfect move for Valentine’s Day. We should have an entire class of just backbends.” As I pushed down into the mat with my hands and feet, and stretched my chest toward the ceiling, I felt an opening throughout the entire front my body, from my hip flexors to the ends of my arms.

“Many people spend their day hunched over a computer or slouched at the steering wheel while driving,” says Colleen. “A heaviness in the shoulders can close us off to those around us. Backbends expand the chest and heart, and the area around the heart is flooded with space, light and oxygen.” This opening, says Colleen, is uplifting, invigorating and can counteract mild cases of the blues.

Of course, sweating through an entire class is great to do anytime, especially before heading out for a night filled with chocolates, champagne and, um, reasons to be flexible — but if you can’t squeeze in a class before your dinner reservations, just try a few of these moves before stepping into that little black dress or slipping on that nice suit. You’ll feel so much more awake, relaxed and ready to really enjoy the night with your sweetie.

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