Narnia on the Main Line

It appears that pop culture’s next big thing just might come from … the Main Line? Indeed. Bucks county natives Todd Marrone and Ron Foligno (now, Main Line residents) decided to turn the word "Ghosticorn" into a mythological — with a sense of humor — graphic design concept, after the rest of their band mates rejected it as a group name. Marrone (who has a visual background) and Foligno (a whiz at screen-printing) strove to keep the apparel pieces affordable and sweatshop-free.

The concept is as funky as it sounds: Ghoulish — but cutesy — horned horses adorn tees, with variations such as a humorously macabre graph of different meat cuts (think magic flank, magic brisket, magic bottom sirloin), and an alien ghosticorn and an alien ghosticorn with a balding monkey man looming huge and cackling over a city skyline.

We’ve reached our Che Guevara saturation point. No more “Vote for Pedro," please. Which is why we love the looks we get when sporting these quirky tees:

"Is that a … bleeding unicorn ghost I see?"

"Why yes … yes it is."

It’s their sheer shock and amusement value that might send them to the tippy top of the tee world. What more can you ask for in short sleeves?

Available at Jinxed Clothing, 620 South 4th Street; Spectrum Board Shop, 24 West Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore; and