Pulse: The Appreciation

There’s a good reason to note this month’s release of Invincible, about former Eagle Vince Papale, and it has nothing to do with our love of the Birds. It’s because we’ll once again get to see TV’s most entertaining interviewer, Fred Bibbo, work his magic for Comcast SportsNet. Since 2000, Bibbo—who also works as a security guard for Comcast—has managed to charm, and alarm, many a Hollywood star. A sampling:

Bibbo on The Longest Yard:
“It also ain’t no stretch for Michael Irvin ta play a convict, if ya know what I mean.”

Bibbo to Jon Heder on his role in The Benchwarmers:
“I can totally relate to your character … thing is, I gotta tell ya, I didn’t pick my nose as much … I picked my nose, but not as much.”

Bibbo on Drew Barrymore’s performance in Fever Pitch:
“Drew’s become a fine actress. Not only did she take a convincing shot to the melon, she tossed her cookies better than I ever seen an actress puke.”

Bibbo to Matthew McConaughey on his role in Two for the Money:
“You get urinated on. How’d that make ya feel?”