Pulse: 60-Second Critic: Tours: Sound About Philly Podcast

I was skeptical when I heard about this latest offer to show me the city as I’ve never seen it before blah blah blah. I’m happy to report, I’m a skeptic no more. Sound About Philly ditches the monotone talking head and uses real Philadelphians to reveal the city in various themed, easy-to-follow walking tours, all downloadable onto your iPod. My fave: the Flavorhoods Tour, which guides you through 10 ethnic enclaves to offer a savory taste of Philly. (You’ll learn more than you ever imagined about the Italian Market from “Joe Bubbles.”) Philly Noir offers a look at the city’s rich African-American culture; Vintage Philly is an insider’s guide to retro shopping. And if you must succumb to a Betsy Ross jones, the Colonial circuit is represented, too. You can also mix up segments to create your own personal itinerary. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Take a walk.
Grade: A+