Trend: Follow That Chef

Joseph Poon
Chef Kitchen
“Hello Café is traditional Hong Kong cuisine. The lamb is cooked on a flat grill. You get four pieces for only $13.95!”
Hello Café, 600 Washington Avenue; 215-467-7008.

Ellen Yin
Owner, Fork
“Korean barbecue at Kim’s. It’s a total dive, but it’s great to get a group of people to go out there. The best is the kaibi, spicy pork and beef tongue.”
Kim’s, 5955 North 5th Street; 215-927-4550.

Patrick Feury
Chef/co-owner, Nectar
“At Yangming, my wife and I order a great bottle of bordeaux and the whole Peking duck and call it a day.”
Yangming, 1051 Conestoga Road, Bryn Mawr; 610-527-3200.

Susanna Foo
Chef/owner, Susanna Foo
“Margaret Kuo’s for the cold beef salad and the chicken marinated in Chinese white wine vinegar.”
Margaret Kuo’s, 175 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne; 610-688-7200.

Margaret Kuo
Owner, Margaret Kuo’s
“My husband and I love Cantonese at Tai Lake and North Sea.”
Tai Lake, 134 North 10th Street; 215-922-0698.
North Sea, 153 North 10th Street; 215-925-1906.