A World-Traveling Exec’s New-Build Manayunk Townhome Is a Global Sanctuary

Gray Space Interior Design used vibrant colors and art to make this a comforting place to land for one Campbell's VP.

The colors of the concert posters were the starting point for furnishing the basement of this new-build Manayunk townhome. / Photograph by Brian Wetzel

When a Campbell’s Soup VP relocated to Philly for work in 2019, she called on Gray Space Interior Design to create a modern haven incorporating her love of travel and music. “It’s mostly contemporary with a global influence,” designer Rasheeda Gray says of her client’s style. “She’d traveled extensively, including living in Singapore, and wanted to bring the story of her life to this new home.”

The result is a new-build Manayunk townhome that’s spa-like in some spots, lively and colorful in others, but functional and clutter-free throughout. In the primary bedroom, Phillip Jeffries’s Cape Town wallpaper, hand-colored and hand-laid by artisans, suggests distant lands. A focus on craftsmanship in executing the homeowner’s vision meant touches like bright yellow drapery made of Mud Cloth fabric, an intricately carved floral-pattern cabinet, and elephant figurines from Singapore.

The basement was transformed into a colorful hangout spot where posters from favorite concerts line the walls to “tell the story of some of the memorable entertainment moments of her life,” Gray says. Stain-resistant couches (don’t worry about spilling wine!), surround-sound, and swivel chairs (so guests can turn and talk to each other) make one thing clear — this globe-trotter’s life adventures are only just beginning.

The Living Room

The living room. / Photograph by Brian Wetzel

Gray incorporated many of her client’s existing pieces (such as colorful paintings from a flea market) into the open-concept living room and kitchen space.

The Bedroom

The bedroom. / Photograph by Brian Wetzel

“My client has a very busy schedule, so I wanted the bedroom to be a retreat,” Gray says. She brought in fixtures from Kichler Lighting, Pottery Barn accent lamps, a piece of wooden artwork from Uttermost, nightstands and an accent chair from Four Hands, and a budget-friendly mirror from Etsy. “Nine out of 10 color authorities have declared a shade of green to be the color of the year for 2022. Now that we’re all emerging from the pandemic, green gives us a sense of starting over and growth in a new season.”

The Basement

The basement. / Photograph by Brian Wetzel

The colors in the concert posters provided a starting point for choosing the lower-level furnishings. “We wanted to see the reds and blues throughout the space,” Gray says.

Published as “Habitat: Global Sanctuary’” in the February 2022 issue of Philadelphia magazine.