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City Life

Q&A: Preston & Steve’s Marisa Magnatta Talks Wawa Menu Hacks and Tina Fey

My full name is … Marisa Kanra Angelina Magnatta. Kanra is my mom’s first name, and Angelina is my confirmation name. I grew up … […]


At El Chingon, the Cemita Is King

This story of El Chingon starts in Mexico 40-some years ago. So stick with me a minute, okay? Mexico, 40-some years ago, was where chef […]


A Philadelphian’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Desserts

Desserts and Valentine’s Day have long been considered a heart-shaped cliché — but not anymore. That’s because Philly’s top pastry chefs are making sure your […]


Omar Tate Has Seen Enough of Your Butter Boards on TikTok

My full name is … Omar Aquill Tate. My mom got Omar from some book, but I’m not sure which one. It’s an Arabic name. […]


The Thai BYOB in Center City Serving Some of Philly’s Finest Meatballs

“Have you eaten here before?” I lied and said no. The truth was, I’d heard my server, Jan Brookes, talk about the restaurant already, but […]


An Exciting Venezuelan Spot Joins the Italian Market’s Lineup

I ended up walking straight into a pole. One of those metal ones that hold up the awnings along 9th Street. Never even saw it. […]

Things to Do

New Year, New Skills: 7 Hands-On Hobbies to Pick Up Right Now

Hobbies are having a moment — an enduring silver lining of the pandemic — and are helping folks decompress from daily pressures, learn something cool […]

City Life

Q&A: Sue Serio Talks Blown Forecasts, Snow-Day Prospects, and Delco Dining

My full name is … Susan Patricia Serio Vargus. I go by Sue Serio because I worked a long time under that name before I […]


Blondie Finds its Groove With Glitzy American-Bistro Camp

It’s easy to write about a restaurant that works, where every element clicks together. It’s easy to write about a shitshow, too. About panic or […]

Life & Style

Florida Travel: A Philadelphian’s Guide to Palm Beach

When you think of Palm Beach, your mind may go to pastels, country clubs, golf clubs … old money and old people. And while there […]