Where to Buy Fresh Pasta in Philadelphia

From seasonal ravioli made with locally ground flour to imported bucatini, here are the best Philadelphia spots for cook-at-home pastas.

Nardone Pasta Co. | Rachel Gallagher

Philly loves Italian food, which means Philly really, really loves pasta. And while there are many excellent restaurants where the pros will cook it up for you, sometimes there’s nothing better than a noodle dish in your own home. Here are some of our favorite places to buy pasta of all kinds, from fresh egg noodles to extruded rigatoni and everything in between.


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Philly Milledvarious locations 
It’s no secret that pasta is made mostly from flour, so changing the quality of flour used in the dough has a huge impact on the product. The company — a side project from Laurel chef de cuisine Alex Beninato — stone mills his own flour for pasta that is nutty, toothsome, and far more flavorful than, say, store-bought Barilla.


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Salinity Pasta Co. 
Salinity’s pastas are handmade in small batches by Alyssa Poole, with offerings ranging from gorgeous stuffed pasta kits for holidays, to custom orders of delicately folded farfalle. Order via Instagram for pick-up (location disclosed after ordering) or delivery.


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Nardone Pasta Co.pop-ups 
Nardone’s offerings are different at every pop-up — they often serve up cooked, finished dishes with a sense of Philly humor, like long hot hot agnolotti. Occasionally, though, they’ll do a few pounds of hand-made garganelli, orecchiette, and farfalle that deserve a spot in your pantry.


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The Pasta Lab, Clark Park Farmer’s Market, Headhouse Farmer’s Market, and Rittenhouse Farmer’s Market 
Pasta Lab’s stuffed pastas are where it’s at: always filled with seasonal ingredients, always ready for you in the freezer.

P&S Ravioli CompanySouth Philly 
Every single P&S location (there are four) feels like an old-school Philly deli. Select their jumbo manicotti for a gut-busting meal that will make you feel like a true South Philly Italian.

Superior Pasta Co.Italian Market 
If you’re wondering why this list hasn’t taken you to the Italian Market yet, you’re asking the right questions. Superior Pasta Co. is one of several 9th Street spots that still does fresh pastas, in addition to pre-made sauces, meatballs, and salads.

Claudio’s Specialty Foods, Italian Market 
All you really need to know about Claudio’s is that a significant portion of their window display is dedicated to absolutely gigantic shells that come in dedicated terra cotta bowls and cost $35. This is the place for specialty shapes.


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Talluto’sItalian Market 
Peer in the window of Talluto’s corner store and watch as employees slice and weigh sheets of fresh egg pasta to order. Buy it in sheets for a homemade lasagna (without the hassle of making your own pasta), have them slice it into pappardelle, or opt for something from their well-stocked freezer full of stuffed pastas.

Di Bruno Bros.multiple locations 
Di Bruno Bros. is known for their cheese, yes, but you know what goes well with cheese? Pasta. They’ve got it in many fun shapes and imported brands.

PastificioSouth Philly
We love anywhere we can go to buy ingredients for a pasta dinner and leave with a hoagie snack and side of homemade fried ravioli. Pastificio is the spot for that.


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Severino Pasta Co.Haddon Township 
Severino sells all over the city, including in several locations of Whole Foods, which carry their ravioli, sauces, and pasta sheets which can be cut to order.