Best Sandwiches in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has lots of great food. And one category where Philadelphia really shines is sandwiches. Whether we’re talking cheesesteaks, roast pork or hoagies, we know how to make a sandwich. Here are 2015’s Best of Philly sandwiches.

Best Vegetarian Sandwich in Philadelphia

Pane Panella at Garces Trading Co.
Don’t let the optional side order of duck-fat fries distract you: Mediterranean meatlessness doesn’t get better than a crispy-edged block of chickpea panisse slicked with red pepper confit and basil aioli, served on a brioche bun. 1111 Locust Street, Midtown Village, 215-574-1099.

Best Roast Pork Sandwich

Tony’s Tavern
“If I was in Newtown Square, I could get $10 for it,” says the namesake owner of the Delco bar that produces this salty, garlicky superstar topped with sharp provolone on a Liscio’s roll. “But I’m in Collingdale, so I get $6.50.” We agree: It’s worth $10, easy. Our one complaint? You can only get the sandwich on Thursdays. 1002 Woodlawn Avenue, Collingdale, 610-461-1652.

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Best Hoagie in Philadelphia

Turkey Diablo From Primo Hoagies
Restaurant purists may bitch about the chain-ification of our city, but the Turkey Diablo (with its thin-sliced turkey and hot-pepper cheese) is all the reason we need to celebrate Primo’s omnipresence. You can find this darn-near-perfect sandwich all over the city, in the ’burbs, at the Shore … you name it. Multiple locations.

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Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia

Philly’s Finest Sambonis
These Northeast Philly buddies, who debuted their food truck on the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, have dreamed up a new model of cheesesteak: They hollow out the roll so each bite is light on bread, heavy on beef, cheese and fried onions, and much less of a dribbly mess. Various locations; follow @SamboniBoys for today’s location.

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Best Grilled Cheese in Philadelphia

The Classic at Milkhouse
Question: Is the sandwich better because of the surprising locale in which we found it served (Suburban Station) … or is its perfect simplicity (country white bread, butter, lots of American cheese) excellent on its own, apart from geographical bias? Answer: Both. Which bodes well for the forthcoming Rittenhouse outpost in the former Matyson space. Suburban Station, Center City, 267-606-6757.

Best Banh Mi in Philadelphia

Nam Son Bakery
There are a lot of banh mi joints in Philly. But not many offer everything from tofu to barbecued beef to sardines on bread they bake in-house. 1601 Washington Avenue, Graduate Hospital, 215-545-4067.

Best Highbrow Sandwich in Philadelphia

The Barcelona at Plenty Café
Serrano ham, sweet Spanish chorizo and Mahón cheese is hardly an avant-garde combination, but Plenty marries them with immaculate arugula and a red pepper aioli on a crusty baguette, for a result as harmonically satisfying as Sketches of Spain on thick vinyl. Locations at 1602 Spruce Street and 1710 East Passyunk Avenue.

Best Burger in Philadelphia

Pork Roll Burger at the Blue Duck
Eggs on burgers have been a thing for a while now. But a whole breakfast? That’s what Kris Serviss has done with this concoction: pork roll ground into a burger topped with a sunny-side-up egg and sriracha mayo. And in lieu of hash browns? A big fat potato roll. 2859 Holme Avenue, Northeast Philly, 267-686-4687.

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Photography by Courtney Apple / Styling by Lisa Russell