Meet Carbon Copy, the Brewery Taking Over Dock Street West this Fall

The brewery, run by two former Tired Hands staffers, will also make and serve wine.

Kyle Wolak and Brendon Boudwin of Carbon Copy / Photograph by Rachel Del Sordo

A few weeks ago, Dock Street Brewery announced it was shutting down operations at the West Philly firehouse that’d been their headquarters for the past 15 years. In the owner’s statement, she hinted that another group of brewers would be moving into the space soon. Now it looks like we know who they are.

The new crew is called Carbon Copy—a combination brewery and winery run by two former Tired Hands staffers, Kyle Wolak and Brendon Boudwin.

Their plan is “to provide an unpretentious, accessible and unique dining experience in the space, while creating a true ‘neighborhood bar’ feel for locals,” according to their press announcement.

Carbon Copy will be brewing beer on-site, but their “low intervention” wine, made from local grapes, will be made at a separate location across town. As far as food goes, they’re looking to serve a menu full of snacks, pizzas, and sandwiches that largely make use of the kitchen’s existing wood-fire oven.

Wolak, Boudwin and the Carbon Copy team will be moving into the old firehouse shortly, with operations set to start by early fall.