Blume, a Natural Wine and Cocktail Bar, Will Replace Cinder in Center City

Sour beer and cider bar out, natural wine and cocktails in.

Photo provided

Teddy Sourias, the man behind such Craft Concepts Group bars and restaurants as BRU, U-Bahn, Tradesman’s, Kontrol, Uptown Beer Garden, Finn McCool’s Ale House and Tinsel, is refreshing and rebranding his cider and beer bar, Cinder Copper & Lace with an all new name and concept. Blume, “a fun, light, energetic and comfortable concept  that … puts the focus on cocktails and natural wine,” will open at 1500 Locust Street sometime in April.

Now, natural wine and cocktails are a bit of a departure from the Craft Concepts brand, which built most if its success around craft beer. “With each new location we open,” says Sourias, “our team also aims to learn and evolve. This spring, join us as we take our guest experience to the next level.”

Food-wise, they’re going with a neighborhood friendly approach: Eclectic appetizers, approachable entrees, wood fired pizzas, light flatbreads, and ample vegetarian and vegan options. And inside, they’re completely redecorating the space with lush green-scape from the ceiling, new fixtures, playful character designs, gem-colored mirrors, elegant wallpaper, new seating and banquets, installation of walls for private event space and more.

Why the rebrand? Per Sourias:

“We went into February aiming to renovate and use the mid-winter down time to add sound proofing, make some improvements in the dining room, add some more comfortable seating, and some regular maintenance work. As we started to renovate, we also had several new ideas for our next concepts. Verdickt, part of the U-Bahn trilogy with Kontrol, has already started construction — and Tinsel is finishing some exciting renovations to increase the space size for 2019. We also have other properties and projects on tap – but all are months if not a year away from being turned over to us. Our team was on a creative high from our biggest year ever at Tinsel, and the ideas we were batting around all were a perfect fit for the space and size of the former Cinder. It was a tough decision to make, but … we want to be creative risk takers, and we decided to pull the trigger.”

Stay tuned.