A Filet Mignon Fast-Food Restaurant Just Opened on the Main Line

Nick Filet, home of the "Original Filet Mignon Sandwich," is now open in Paoli.

Nick Filet | Facebook

It’s rare that you see the words “Home of the ___” on restaurant signage these days. Not sure why that is, really. My guess is that it’s rare that anybody wants to be branded any one thing. Food operators usually want to be something for everybody.

Nick Kline, however, worked at Quincy’s Original, a successful Jersey Shore lobster roll shack with locations in Sea Isle, Cape May and Berwyn, PA the past four summers, and saw the value in a restaurant doing one simple thing really, really well. And at 24 years old, Kline has opened Nick Filet at 111 East Lancaster Avenue in Paoli, PA (no affiliation with Nick’s Roast Beef or Nick’s Charcoal Pit, which has a filet mignon sandwich of its own — albeit a totally different style).

“It’s really simple: It’s Five Guys but with filet mignon,” says Kline.

The filets come as simple cuts butterflied over toasted buns, as burgers, mixed into mac and cheese or salads, with fries. But the draw here is the Nick Filet, which comes in three sizes: Little Nick (3 oz.), Nick Filet (6 oz.), or Big Nick (9 oz.) — add cheese and toppings as you please.

Hours are 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. Here’s the menu: