Where to Eat This Weekend: Just a Little Something to Make the World Shut Up

It's been a long week for everyone. Let's all go get some burritos and BBQ.

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So, uh… What are you guys doing this weekend?

I mean, the weather is supposed to be weird. The whole world feels like a constantly evolving nightmare. And I hear there’s some kind of sporting event happening this weekend that has people all jittery.

But, like, other than that? Maybe you guys wanna go get some burritos or barbecue or something? Because we’ve got a few suggestions.

Korean BBQ

When I’m looking for some reassurance that we do still live in a sane and rational world where the common decency of ordinary human beings still presides, I go to Kim’s in Olney and eat a lot of meat. First, because Kim’s Korean BBQ is really good and the booths are kind of small so I don’t feel like I have to bring 26 friends with me. But also because the staff there is so nice and seem truly happy to see every customer come through the door. So happy, in fact, that if you’re nice you might walk away with a free ice cream at the end of your meal — which might not be a big selling point in January, but still.

A different kind of comfort

You know where you haven’t been in a while? Port Richmond (I’m just guessing). But you should go this weekend and hit the New Wave Cafe. Because if pierogies, pickle soup, potato pancakes and pork chops can’t make you feel better about yourself, then no amount of alliteration is going to do it.

Junk food for grown ups

While we’re on the topic, know what’s in Queen Village? A completely different New Wave Cafe. Now I know literally nothing about this place, but I looked at the menu (because it came up while I was searching for the other New Wave Cafe), and I’m intrigued because the Queen Village New Wave Cafe has just about every kind of bar-centric comfort food you could want, all on one menu. No, seriously. You looking for crab fries with real crab? They got ’em. What about tater tots slathered in cheese sauce? Yup. Popcorn shrimp, mozzarella sticks, fish and chips and cheesesteak spring rolls? Absolutely. This place could serve as a kind of museum to all the greatest ideas in bar snacks of the past two decades, and the beers on tap won’t hurt either.

Dinner with a conscience

Feel like you ought to do something good just to try and balance out all the really bad shit that’s been happening in the world lately? That’s a good instinct. Me, I’ll probably just drink until I don’t care anymore, but I am a bad person at heart and I think you’re better than that. Which is why you, evolved human, should check out this farm-to-table dinner being put together by chef Kurt Evans on Saturday. The goal is to help end mass incarceration, and this multi-course dinner is being held to raise awareness, start a discussion, and raise funds for Books Through Bars and the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund–two worthy causes that deserve your help.

Burrito Time Warp

Got some time on your hands? Then you should read this beautiful and brilliant history of the wrap sandwich by India Mandelkern over at Eater. It is a long read, but absolutely worth it if, like me, you have a weird obsession with the beginnings of trends (and foods) that seem like they came from nowhere. Like so many things, the wrap came from San Francisco. But you’re going to have to read the piece to find out the rest. Oh, and you know what you should do while reading it? Get yourself a burrito from Tacos Don Memo. Because what is a burrito if not the progenitor of the wrap? The wrap perfected before the wrap ever existed? The Apollonian ideal to which all sad, droopy wraps aspire? Anyway, Don Memo should be at the Clark Park Farmers Market tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be nice (maybe…). Failing that, they’ll be on 38th Street at Penn during the week.