Here’s What You’ll Be Drinking This Summer at The Franklin

The new summer cocktail menu has been released and we got an early look.

The Smokestack // Photo by Sean Alvarez

The Franklin has been having a busy season.

A few weeks back, they turned the upstairs bar into a tiki lounge complete with its own cocktail menu.

Then there was the 8th anniversary, which the Franklin Bar (Formerly Franklin Mortgage) celebrated with a solar system of booze — a menu which, it should be noted, will be available all summer long.

And now, they’re releasing the official summer 2017 cocktail menu. It’s an impressive list, assembled in a new way, rigorously tasted and tested by the staff. And we’ve got the whole thing for you right here — along with some pictures.

Jote Americano // Photo by Sean Alvarez

First, a word about how the menu was put together. Under normal circumstances, the custom cocktails that make up the menu at a place like the Franklin are chosen by the head bartender (same way a kitchen’s menu would be put together by the exec chef). But this time, the Franklin decided to do something a little bit different and a little more collaborative.

I’ll let manager Jason Elliott describe it:

“This new menu is unique in that for the first time in the history of the bar it was put together without a head bartender. Our entire staff got involved in the crafting, sampling and tasting of the menu, which has resulted in a menu that not only hits all the right bases in cocktail types but has widened the general appeal by having several [palates] sample and approve the drinks we will be showcasing.”

So okay, what does a menu designed and tasted by committee look like?

It looks like this:

The Franklin Bar // Summer, 2017

Page One Shaken

Jote Americano

Bonded Bourbon, Carpano Antica, Lemon & House Made Cola Syrup

If By Whiskey

Rye, Orgeat & Lemon

In The Weeds

London Dry Gin, Tequila Plata, Green Chartreuse, Lime & Green Bell Pepper

The Smokestack

Famous Grouse, Laphroaig, Lemon, Bitters, Ginger & Honey

Siesta Refresca

Reposado Tequila, Dry Vermouth, Raspberry, Lemon & Chipotle

Don’t Look Back

London Dry Gin, White Brandy, Aperol, Lemon Blueberry & Lemon Grass

Page Two Shaken

That Pink One…

Overproof Rum, Aperol, Lemon, Orgeat & Egg White

At World’s End

Cachaca, Amaro Montenegro, Lime & Passionfruit

Citizen Cane

Appleton Reserve, Wray & Nephew, Averna, Fassionola & Egg White

The Beauregard

London Dry Gin, Port, Amontillado Sherry, Lemon & Blackberry

Parisian Divorce Court

Neisson Blanc, Crème de Peche & Demerara


Eastside Moonwalker

Wray & Nephew, London Dry Gin, Creole Shrub, Lime, Green Apple & Mint

Crème Depeche Mode

Vodka, Crème de Peche, Lemon, Aloe & Bitters

Trade Winds

Bol’s Genever, Overproof Rum, Lemon, Cherry Blossom & Cumin

Manco Capac

Pisco Portion, Amaro Montenegro, Lime, Pineapple, Lemon Oleo & Cucumber


Painting The Roses Red

Mezcal, Crème de Cocao, Lime & Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Electric Sheep

Benedictine, Punt e Mes, Galliano, Overproof Rum, White Agricole Rum & Angostura

The Smokestack

Famous Grouse, Laphroaig, Lemon, Ginger & Honey

Negroni Ya Ya

Ford’s Gin, Campari, Cocchi Americano & Sweet Potato


Coco Tequila, Mezcal, Tempest Cacao, Agave & BBQ Bitters

Siesta Refresca // Photo by Sean Alvarez

The new menu is being shaken, stirred and poured right now. And while drinking in a windowless basement is not exactly what most people think of when deciding how to spend their summer nights, there are a couple cocktails on there that I’d drink even if they were served to me while sitting on a bucket in the alley next door.

The Franklin Bar [f8b8z]