Deep Fried and Overstuffed: Puyero Reviewed

The Venezuelan street-fooder gives Philly's fast-casual scene a new edge.

When you’re staring down the barrel of a pabellón arepa stuffed full of braised beef, black beans, and plantains like caramel, nothing else matters. You’re zoned in like you’re defusing a bomb because, from the looks of it, it’s all about to burst—the seams of the cornmeal bun holding it together, yes, but barely. And that’s how it should be. That’s how arepas often come: comically overstuffed.



524 South 4th Street, Queen Village

CUISINE: Venezuelan Street Food


SNAP JUDGMENT: With the fast-casual explosion happening right now in Philly, Puyero brings to town some new flavors that Philly desperately needs.

RECOMMENDED: Arepas in any variety, and fried plantains to go along with them.

And after you bite, you’ll understand why those three ingredients—those truly, undeniably Venezuelan flavors—are the trio they are. And you’ll wonder, too, why you haven’t enjoyed them together before. Sweet, savory and starchy, it’s a combination enhanced (to your discretion) by three squirt bottles available at every table: one with green mayo, another with spicy mayo, and a third with chipotle ketchup.

Puyero, Queen Village’s new Venezuelan street food spot, specializes in this wonderful creation and others like it. It’s a casual BYOB priced so you can become a regular, and it’s a grand introduction to an underrepresented cuisine in Philly. (Notwithstanding one or two restaurants and the occasional chalkboard special, Venezuelan food remains a bit of a mystery to many of our city’s diners.)

Puyero does it right, with cheery, no-frills fast food primped with good ingredients. That’s not to say it isn’t junky like fast food — much of it’s fried and drips with ketchup. But this is Philly, and junk food rules our land, so if we’re going to eat it anyway, it couldn’t hurt to diversify our assets.

Published in the June 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

Puyero [Official]

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