More Taco News: Cafe Ynez Remakes its Menu

Modern and traditional Mexican in Point Breeze.

Cafe Ynez in Point Breeze has always run with a menu inspired by the cuisine of Mexico City. But executive chef Carlos Piña has now gone and redone the board, adding new dishes and tinkering with others.

Pina has actually made changes to all of the cafe’s menus–brunch, lunch and dinner–and put together four new mixers for those wise enough to BYO a bottle of something appropriate. There’s mango-mint for those of you bringing bubbly, blackberry lemon thyme for gin or vodka, a Bloody Mary mix and an orange margarita mix.

But the really impressive stuff is on the food menu–everything from lomo de tarnera with truffle oil and huitlacoche butter, a fancy chicken sandwich and sauteed shrimp tacos to daily whole fish presentations and rack of lamb with mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe and cilantro chimichurri. So yeah, not entirely traditional Mexican cuisine, but a little bit of both–the traditional and the modern, the local and the far-away.

You can check out all three full menus below:

Cafe Ynez [f8b8z]