Wanna Hang Out With The Guys Who Make Nugget Nectar?

And also, you know, drink some Nugget Nectar?

troegs-nugget-nectarOf course you do, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to? Nugget Nectar is one of those cultish beers that super-nerds get all jazzed over, and on Wednesday, February 1, the guys who make it–Chris and John Trogner of Troegs–and author Josh Bernstein will be at Standard Tap for a small, intimate gathering that is all about the Nugget Nectar.

Here’s the catch, though. This event is going to be small. It’s limited to 40 seats. So if you’re thinking that this is exactly the kind of thing you want to do on a Wednesday night, then you should probably make your reservations now.

But before you do that…

Here’s how this is all going to shake out. The event starts at 6pm at Standard Tap. Guests will get a welcome beer, then a guided tour through a tasting of three different versions of Nugget Nectar–on draft, cask and nitro. The experts will talk about the techniques used for brewing each of these varieties, talk about the history of the beer, answer questions and generally just hang out and talk about beer (which is one of those things that beer people do really well). There will be snacks provided by the kitchen and, because the event is so small, it should be the perfect forum to get just as nerdy as you want to with some guys who know an awful lot about your favorite adult beverage.

Tickets for the event are $35. That price covers everything plus a copy of Bernstein’s book, “Complete IPA”. And everything should be wrapping up around 8pm.

Like I mentioned above, tickets for this thing are very limited. So get yours now by calling Standard Tap at 215-238-0630.

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