Revolution Taco Is Rolling Out An Upgraded Menu

Tamales, pig wings and arroz con pollo are the new best friends of Revolution's tacos.


Not too long ago, we were talking about Revolution Taco celebrating the end of their first year in business with free empanadas and a big ol’ taco party. And now, as their second year begins, they’re bulking up their menu with some hearty, filling and warming dishes to carry us through the winter months.

It all begins with tamales, which seem a perfectly reasonable addition to any taco shop menu. Revolution is going to be doing tamales daily, on a rotating menu that will change month to month, season to season. But they’re starting off with a classic, chicken verde (pictured above), and will be letting them go for $4 each.


From there, things branch out with another ever-changing dish: Arroz con pollo. At its most basic, this is exactly what the name implies, chicken and rice. But Revolution is going to be changing this one up on a weekly schedule–offering it every Wednesday night and pushing the boundaries of what arroz con pollo can be while giving their kitchen the opportunity to stretch a little. Here’s what they’re looking at right now:

January 25
Traditional Arroz con Pollo
Rice and vegetables cooked in a tomato liquid with cheese quesadilla

February 1
Fried Chicken Arroz con Pollo
Fried chicken served with Creole Style Dirty rice

February 8
Coq Au Vin Arroz con Pollo
French red wine braised chicken served with fried risotto cake

February 15
Char Siu Arroz con Pollo
Chinese BBQ chicken with seared sticky rice, pickled mustard greens

February 22
Confit Duck Arroz con Pato
Duck leg slow cooked in duck fat, served with mushroom arancini

And come on… Let’s all just admit right now that char siu arroz con pollo and that arroz con pato BOTH sound totally awesome. Anyway, it’ll run you $11 a plate.


Finally, we have the pig wings. Not familiar with pig wings? They’re made from that little nugget of meat on the shank, in this case braised, breaded, deep fried and sauced like chicken wings. I had some on Friday (the first night Revolution started serving them) and I gotta tell you, they were… Well, not chicken wing good, but solidly (weirdly) addictive, with juicy, tender meat that you could strip clean off the bone with your teeth. Plus, the smell from the fried breading (a kind of paprika/cumin/pig fat smell) stayed with me for hours after.

Anyway, the pig wings are something that the Revolution crew used to do in limited quantities at the food truck back in the day. Now they’ll be serving them every Friday, at both lunch and dinner service, and in varying styles. Look for Korean BBQ, dry rub and chipotle. and order of three will cost you $10.

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