Opa to Reopen Monday After Mice and Fly Problems

The Health Department was satisfied with its most recent inspection.


Twelve days after health inspectors shut down Opa, the Center City restaurant is reopening on Monday following a passing inspection earlier in the day.

“We passed our health inspection earlier today,” owner George Tsiouris wrote in a message to Foobooz. “We will open at some point early this evening. Our kitchen is currently prepping, baking, etc. all of the new inventory we just received. We will be open for lunch and dinner tomorrow as per our normal hours.”

Last week, we told you that Philadelphia’s Department of Health ordered Opa to close on January 18th due to lots of mouse droppings as well as dead mice found in the dining area and a linen storage area. There was also a major fly problem. Upon a return visit, all signs of mice were gone, but the flies persisted, and Opa remained closed due to “imminent health hazards,” as the inspector put it.

One week ago, the inspector returned yet again and found more mouse droppings. And then on Thursday, live mice were spotted. There were other violations as well.

But the department confirms that today’s inspection showed no evidence of mice or flies, and Opa is allowed to open for business.

In our story last week, we implied that Opa might have been blaming the health department in a statement that the restaurant had issued.

“Please know, we are not blaming the health department,” Tsiouris told us in a follow-up email. “And we understand they are doing their job and following protocol.”

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