Stephen Starr Still Has Plans For Philly

Stephen Starr

Stephen Starr

Stephen Starr is having a big year. There was the surprise Paris restaurant opening. Le Coucou (the New York restaurant he’s doing with partner Daniel Rose) got named as the best restaurant of 2016 by Pete Wells. And he currently has 33 restaurants up and running in Philly and elsewhere.

And in this month’s Vanity Fair, he gets a big interview in which he talks about his sudden success, getting fired from his first DJ job, his fear of heights and, most important to us here at Foobooz World HQ, his future plans for restaurants in Philly.

Victor Fiorillo has the complete run-down over in the Philly mag news section, but we’re just concerned with the restaurants.

Like the one he has planned to go into the old Serafina space in Rittenhouse Square. Now granted, Serafina was so bad that literally anything–up to and including a place where Starr himself just stands in front of a grill in a tee shirt grilling hot dogs and handing them out for a buck apiece–would be better. But we’re guessing that he’s going to come up with something slightly classier for the high-rent, 180-seat space. He’s been going heavily French lately, so maybe something in that direction? With chef Rose in tow? We’ve also heard rumors of a second restaurant for Peter Serpico or maybe another concept/partnership out of New York, but we honestly have no idea beyond the name attached to the liquor license, Bunker LLC. And that helps not at all.

In the interview, Starr also says that while he’s going to continue to focus on openings in other cities, he’s still looking at a couple of other locations in Philly.

You can check out all the information at the link below.

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