Here’s the Strangest (and Maybe the Best) Food News You’ll Read All Day

I've got four words for you: Kung Fu Cooking Club

Han Chiang is a good guy. He’s one of those guys who, if we didn’t have him (and his Han Dynasty restaurants, but mostly him) here, in our restaurant scene, we’d be pissed that someone else had him. He’s a minor legend in the dining room. Is known for saying some really odd things (like when he claimed he was going to open a hundred Han Dynasties across the country in four years). And he’s got one of those social media presences that you just have to pay attention to because, sometimes, the attention pays off.

Like today. When he announced, apropos of nothing (or maybe of just the mood in the room, the city, the nation), that he was going to be starting “Han’s Kung Fu Cooking Club”–the stated goal of which is to have Han teach you how to cook while everyone hangs out watching his favorite Kung Fu movies.

Oh, but wait. It gets weirder.

Here’s Han, in his own words:

“Every time each person will be handed a cooking assignments. For example: cook for someone in need, someone you love, ur fav wawa cashier/hoagista, or want to kick the shit out of…We’re gonna stay positive, and if anybody brings up mother fucking trump. U will be banned!”

So…kinda like Fight Club, but with cooking? And Kung Fu movies? With Han as Tyler Durden?


So here’s the deal, according to the man himself. The first meeting of Han’s Kung Fu Cooking Club will be January 30th at the Old City location. No time given, no details offered except that he’s limiting it to 44 people. My guess? He probably hit that number–44 interested parties–in about fifteen minutes, but maybe I’m wrong. Here’s his original Facebook post, in its entirety:

So do with that what you will, ladies and gentlemen. I, for one, hope he pulls it off. I hope it becomes a thing–a force for good, a charity-supporting machine. So the first rule of Han’s Kung Fu Cooking Club? Tell everyone you know about Han’s Kung Fu Cooking Club.

But seriously, the first time I hear about him having his students shave their heads and start making soap in the basement? That’s when I start to worry.

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