Philly Cooks Tickets: A Gift For The Gastronaut In Your Life

And if you buy now, you'll get an early bird discount

Hey, guess what? Philly Cooks is coming up again–that big party featuring all the best restaurants, a lot of the best booze and all the most fantastic people in the city, all together in one room (at the Sheraton Downtown this year) for one night only. It’s the place you go to eat fried chicken and tacos with your fingers, made for you by restaurants that you probably haven’t had a chance to go to yet. Where you knock back cocktails at a frightening rate, make a bunch of new friends while standing in line waiting for sushi, and then forget all their names when you overhear someone saying that there are fresh donuts (or pizza or kale salads or foie gras or whatever it is you’re into) available on the other side of the room.

The party is happening on February 8, but tickets are on sale right now. And if you buy your tickets right now (like maybe as a gift for that food-obsessed weirdo in your life who just can’t stop talking about the fried chicken or kale salad he had from someplace called Plate or Stein & Spork or whatever) you’ll get them at a discount. Everyone likes discounts!

Right now, tickets are $85 (which, for food from the 50 best restaurants in the city and cocktails from some of the best bartenders around, is not a lot). If you wait, they’ll be $99 (which is still not bad but is, you know, more). And this early bird discount only lasts until December 31, so you should get your tickets right now and be done with your Christmas shopping for the season. At least for the food nerds on your list. And anyone else who you think could really use some tacos and a bunch of cocktails (which is pretty much everyone, right?)

Philly Cooks [Get your tickets here]