Caviar Celebrates Second Anniversary with $2 Deals

All day on Tuesday there will be $2 food for $2 delivery fees.

Exclusive bagel sandwich from Knead Bagels for Caviar's 2nd anniversary in Philly

Exclusive bagel sandwich from Knead Bagels for Caviar’s 2nd anniversary in Philly

On Tuesday, October 4th, the Best of Philly winning delivery service Caviar is celebrating its second anniversary in the Philadelphia market with some two dollar items for a two dollar delivery fee. Among the offerings is a fried chicken sandwich from Federal Donuts, funfetti cake slices from Bud & Marilyn’s and cheesesteaks from Joe’s Steaks.

Caviar is also delivering some exclusive, just made for the day specials including a bagel sandwich from Knead Bagels and a caramel sea salt gelato from Gran Caffe L’Aquila.

The deals will be available all day on Tuesday, October 4th. Check out the full lineup of deals below.

Caviar Philadelphia [Official Site]