Destination Dogs Headed to Philly

A bar with pythons, hot dogs and bubble hockey.

Destination Dogs comes to Walnut Street

Destination Dogs comes to Walnut Street

The wild idea for Destination Dogs came both from creator Jimmy Cronk’s love for hot dogs and partly from his love of travel, which his wife Diana recognized as combinable passions. “My partners and I travel a lot. Well, we used to. Now we’re definitely traveling from the kitchen to the bar,” said Jimmy. “I knew I could get a little out there once it was globally inspired. I didn’t have to stick to the parameter of just serving hot dogs.” He certainly didn’t. Soon, hot dogs made of duck, alligator, kangaroo, and python will be available in Philadelphia. The restaurant is expanding here after four successful years in its original New Brunswick location. It is also updating its menu to include more shareable appetizers, such as scotch eggs, buffalo-inspired wings, and crab dip.

Destination Dogs specializes in three things: arcade games, drinks and travel–themed hot dogs. The dinner menu ranges from dishes as standard as “The Chicago Bull: Illinois (ORD)”—which is a beef hot dog with the using suspects for toppings—to the “One Bite in Bangkok (BKK),” which features python meat mixed with chicken and Asian–inspired toppings.

The games available include Ms. Pacman, bubble hockey and foosball. The restaurant will feature approximately 104 seats plus bar space. Jimmy believes that, if the success of the New Brunswick location is any indication, the one in Philadelphia will attract a crowd of young professionals, on average 25 and up.

“Philly is a fun city that embraces fun food,” said Jimmy. “We’re really excited.” So are we. Not just for the arcade games, new bar scene, and interesting food, but for the looks on people’s faces when we tell them we ate python for dinner.

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