Biga Bringing More Pizza And Beer To The Main Line


Sean Weinberg of Restaurant Alba is introducing his own version of a pizzeria to Bryn Mawr–one offering not just pizza, but also beer, vegetarian dishes, and pastas.

Former Alba sous chef, Steve Fulmer, will be leading the kitchen. Weinberg says that the pizza crust will be “yeasty, light and airy,” and his topping list includes stuff like beer-braised sweet onion, pancetta and Vermont Sheperd cheese. Biga will also have pasta dishes made in-house (like a five-hour bolognese), and a variety of meat ragus as well. Wild boar? Absolutely. And maybe duck, too. All of their meat will be organic and grass-fed. If you don’t want something meaty, potato and cheese gnocchi will be on the menu as well.

Probably the most notable part of the menu will be their seasonal veggie dishes that Weinberg says will be “healthy and light” and made with just three or four ingredients. As an example, one of the dishes they’re working on in the kitchen includes wood-roasted beets, Marcona almond butter, ricotta, and arugula, nothing more.

Unlike Restaurant Alba’s crisp, fancy atmosphere, Biga has a feel that Weinberg describes as “grungy,” with a more urban look than most places on the Main Line. The exposed brick walls and communal seating will add to the casual atmosphere.

They’ll also have six craft beers on tap, do growler fills, and have beer takeout as well.

In addition to lunch and dinner services, Biga will also be open in the morning for counter service, so you can stop in to get a coffee with some frittatas or sweet zeppoli for breakfast. Weinberg anticipates opening in early to mid March, and is located at 810 Glenbrook Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA.

Biga Pizza + Beer [Facebook]