South Philly Barbacoa’s Benjamin Miller Hosting Right to Work Events


Benjamin Miller at a barbacoa event.

South Philly Barbacoa’s Benjamin Miller has been a vocal supporter of immigrant restaurant workers and he is going to be hosting a series of events to raise awareness and show solidarity with those unable to work legally in the United States. On Monday, November 30th, he is hosting a dinner upstairs at Nomad Pizza. The event will begin at 6:30 with a meet-and-greet, dinner, presentations and live music.

A donation is requested for the dinner and the event will be capped at 50 people. Chefs Nick Macri (La Divisa Meats), Calvin Okunoye (Restaurant Opportunities Center), Cristina Martinez  (South Philly Barbacoa) and Elijah Milligan (H2o Kitchen).

Reservations will be accepted starting at noon on Monday, November 16th. Watch the Facebook page for a number to call.

More from Benjamin Miller on the event

By holding space for these conversations about immigration and the workforce in the restaurant industry, we are showing a solidarity between the undocumented worker and chef. Their labor is absolutely to our industry, and the existence of the restaurant industry depends on it. The strategy is to use the power, economically, socially, and politically, that the restaurant industry has in this country, to have conversations that will lead to change. Stalling reform bills only hurts us now, and leaves the future uncertain. Some workers are exploited by their lack of a right to work. Others live with the fear to drive, and a limit of educational opportunities. If people were able to live more stabilly and comfortably, like being granted permission to bury a dead one in another country and return to work, families would strengthen and worker satisfaction and productivity would remain well. Out of love for our staffs and co-workers, chefs in Philadelphia are starting a national movement to push and pressure America, and the American restaurant industry, to look honestly at itself.

Donations will go into a now-forming non-profit organization to advance the work owners and workers in restaurants are doing on behalf of all undocumented people. Stay tuned for more meetings at restaurants, and other pop-up dinners!

Reservations will begin to be accepted at 12pm on Monday, Nov. 16th. A number to call will be posted on that date, so stay tuned!

music provided by Shakoor Sanders

Solidarity for the right to work dinner #1 [Facebook]