Sneak Preview: Marigold’s New Autumn Menu

The chefs are unveiling their secret fall board tomorrow, but we've got a look at a couple of the upcoming dishes.

The crew at Marigold Kitchen (chef-owners Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza, along with chef de cuisine Keith Krajewski) like surprises. Their seasonal menus are always shrouded in secrecy right up until they’re released–and even then they want people who come in for the 13-15 course prix fixe to be surprised when the plates hit the table, so they’re always changing things up.

That said, it’s also important to give people a sense of what they might be eating before asking them for ninety bucks and a couple hours of their lives. Which is why the Marigold crew have released details (and photos) of a few of the courses from their new fall menu. Check it all out below.

That one there? That’s Autumn Leaves–radicchio and frisee in a caramelapple vinaigrette. And because this is Marigold (and because the Marigold guys are modernists at heart), there are also some orange-macerated apple spheres and port-plum gel hidden in there.

When my mom made cauliflower, it never looked like this.

Half of modern cooking seems to be making things look or taste like one thing while actually being something else. Obviously Marigold’s kitchen is going to bget in on that game, and here they’re offering pumpkin, served in the style foie gras. First, they slow-cook it in brandy and rosemary, then score and sear it and serve atop a coin of toasted brioche in a base of roasted garlic crème and sage oil. All of which sounds awesome and I kinda want to eat it right now.

And finally, a pumpkin spice latte, Marigold-style, with a parfait of pumpkin panna cotta, Elixr espresso gel, cinnamon espuma and smoked dark chocolate. Which, you know…damn.

The new menu at Marigold starts tomorrow night and no one will know the full extent of it until they actually sit down and order. The 13-15 course prix fixe will run you $90 (not counting tax and tip), and you can make reservations by calling the restaurant at 215-222-3699

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