Cheezbooz: How To Celebrate American Cheese Month At DiBruno Brothers

Here's a hint: It involves eating a lot of cheese...

While we do surely love some extremely aged parmigiano, Greek feta, and all those beautiful, bloomy rinds from France, October is American Cheese Month, so we’re looking a little closer to home for our dairy fix.

As it happens, we don’t have to look very far at all to find something delicious–and completely custom.

Richard Morillo, DiBruno Brothers’ cheese aging expert, has been custom-aging cheeses at DiBruno for the past six years. He even got a CLB shout-out a few years ago for offering DiBruno’s Chestnut street shoppers a custom Quadrello di Bufala, a water buffalo milk, taleggio-style, washed rind cheese that he had further bathed in Zombie–honey-fermented double India black ale by Tired Hands Brewing.


Though these custom cheeses routinely sold out, production has been limited to what Morillo could do in-house at DiBruno’s 19th street location. Now, the game is changing. Morillo has outsourced.

Over the next several months, DiBruno Brothers will be rolling out a selection of cheeses custom aged in direct partnership with individual cheesemakers.

The first, a collaboration with Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, is already available at all DiBruno locations. Called The Wynd in the Willough, it is Jasper Hill’s Willoughby cheese washed with Wyndridge Farm’s Crafty Hopped Cider. The result is creamy and fudgy, with a distinct onion tang and the delicious funk of the semi-sweet, hopped cider from the Dallastown, PA cidery.

Collaboration number two from Petaluma California’s Andante Dairy hasn’t arrived yet, but it is in the works. Named Whiskey Business, it is Andante’s Contralto–a washed-rind goat’s milk cheese wrapped in spruce bark–bathed in Dad’s Hat whiskey from Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Look for these and more collaboration cheeses coming soon.

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