Zsa’s Secret Ice Cream Vending Machine

zsasmachineFor a long time, Washington Avenue has been a bit of a gastronomic wasteland. But now, with the pizza and sweets from Kermit’s Bake Shoppe and the colorful Mexican fare from Cafe Ynez, there are more options for good things to eat, and you can now add Zsa’s Ice Cream to the map.

Zsa’s seasonal flavors and ice cream sandwiches are usually only available at the Headhouse Farmer’s Market or from their handsome, retro food truck named Gatsby–which is unfortunate for those who like their ice cream because this past Sunday was their last at Headhouse for the season.

But wait, there’s good news, too.

You can now find Zsa’s tucked into the lobby of NextFab’s 21,000 square foot facility at 2025 Washington Avenue, in their very own ice cream automat. And you don’t have to be ready to try metalworking or 3D printing to access it.

The connection might seem far fetched, but for Zsa’s owner Parker Witmore, a former industrial designer, it was an obvious choice for innovation. He bought the machine on eBay, and now stocks it every Sunday with their bestselling flavors: Rich Chocolate (dairy free), Toasted Almond and Cherry, Salted Caramel, and Black Magic, in both pints and cups. There are also two ice cream sandwich varieties: peanut butter on chocolate chip cookie, and vanilla on chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. Anytime you like (during NextFab’s regular business hours), simply walk into the lobby, add your cash ($3-$5), and walk out with a frozen treat.

See? We told you there would be good news.

Zsa’s Ice Cream [official]