South and Kanella South Open This Weekend

kanella-south-bar-940South, the new Southern restaurant and jazz bar opens tonight at 600 North Broad Street. The spot will offer live music six nights a week and a menu of Southern and Creole dishes by chef Paul Martin. Preview | Menu

And Alex Tewfik of Eater, a name that vaguely rings a bell around here, has the scoop on Kanella South’s opening party at its new bar tomorrow, September 19th. There will be $7 Odysseus cocktails and the first 50 guests get a free drink. The party runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the relocated Cypriot restaurant.

As for Tewfik, he was an intern for Foobooz in the Fall of 2012, and we liked him enough, and he put up with Jason and I enough, that we came up with several hare-brained schemes to keep him around. We put him in charge of the Foobooz Store and got him some money that way. We had him run events and got him paid that way. We had him photograph events at COOK for some freelance money. It’s tough to let talent go, especially when it dresses as nicely as Alex does. So congrats to Alex, and Eater for landing a good one, too bad he’s dead to us now.

Just kidding.

No, seriously Alex, watch your back.