Shake Shack And Big Gay Ice Cream Collaborating (And Not Just In Your Dreams)

CampoutLogoNo, seriously. Shake Shack and Big Gay Ice Cream, two of the most cultishly loved brands in Philadelphia’s (transplanted) restaurant scene, are getting together this week to bid adieu to the flavors of summer–just as the entire edible universe is being taken over by pumpkin-flavored everything.

Sure, they’re saying that this is a welcome to “fall and camping season,” and they’re calling it their Campout Layer Shake, but what we’re talking about here is essentially a drinkable s’more and that sounds pretty summery to us.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Inspired by the last warm days and star-filled nights of camping this fall, the thick and delicious shake consists of three tiers: Shake Shack’s rich and creamy chocolate marshmallow frozen custard; crumbled chocolate covered graham crackers; and Big Gay Ice Cream’s graham cracker soft-serve.

The shake will be available (for $6.50) at both the Center City Shake Shack and the new(ish) Big Gay Ice Cream Philly location (at 521 South Broad Street) staring on Thursday, September 10. And you’ll only have until Sunday, September 13 to get your taste. Because after that, it’s pretty much nothing but pumpkin for the next several months.

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