Whiskey Chocolates from Shane Confectionary

Shane Confectionery has partnered up with New Liberty Distillery to introduce chocolates that showcase New Liberty’s Kinsey Whiskey. Kinsey Whiskey is a historical Pennsylvania brand that is being reintroduced by New Liberty’s Robert Cassell. The whiskey is sourced, bottled and blended to match a 1948 sample of the whiskey that Cassell has sourced.

Ryan and Eric Berley of Shane have come up with five chocolates to showcase the whiskey’s taste. They are:

  • Old Fashioned Whiskey Cordial: Inside a dark chocolate shell, garnished with candied maraschino cherry and edible gold leaf, this cordial is based on Kinsey’s formula for the classic drink: Kinsey’s 7 year aged corn whiskey, a dash of orange and dash of bitters.
  • Mint Julep Cordial: Inside a dark chocolate shell, topped with candied mint leaf, this cordial uses Kinsey Rye Whiskey with fresh mint and sugar. All the mint is grown in Shane’s rooftop garden.
  • Salt & Pepper Squares: A layer of dark chocolate ganache flavored with Kinsey Whiskey and black pepper is layered with salted vanilla caramel and coated in dark chocolate. It pairs well with Kinsey Rye Whiskey.
  • Honey Lavender Caramels: Honey from the hives atop Shane’s roof and local dairy infused with lavender, are cooked together to create a soft caramel. The caramel is then dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with dried local lavender flowers. With its floral notes and medium body, Kinsey’s 7 year aged corn whiskey pairs nicely with this piece.
  • Chipotle Pecan Brittle: This sweet pecan brittle has a smoky and spicy finish, and pairs well with Kinsey Bourbon Whiskey.

The chocolates are available at Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery, which is open for tours on weekends. Get them and take your whiskey enjoyment up several notches.

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