Opening Day Updates For Bud & Marilyn’s And Bar Bombon

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Over the past few days, we’ve been getting you all the information we can on a couple of big-name openings coming to the neighborhood–Bud & Marilyn’s (from Marcie Turney and Val Safran) and Bar Bombon (from Nicole Marquis). As of this morning, we’re able to provide more specifics. And hit you with some very good news.

First, Bud & Marilyn’s. Up until now, we’ve been operating under the assumption (as laid out by Turney on Instagram) that the new joint will open late in August or the last week in August. But now, we can say that if you’re looking to get reservations for opening night, you should take Turney’s advice (posted again on Instagram, of course) and “check open table for the 27th.”

So yeah. Go do that right now.

As for Bar Bombon, they gave us a solid opening date of Monday, August 24. But apparently, things were going so well that the crew did a sneaky soft-open last night. And they’re going to do it again tonight. So if you’re curious about the Latin-inspired vegan cuisine being done in a former cupcake shop in Rittenhouse Square, now you know where to go tonight.

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