Free Outdoor Movie Series Coming To University City

And we're writing about it here because there's going to be food, too.

I love outdoor movies. I grew up spending weekends slowly asphyxiating inside my parents’ old Fiat at one of the last, true drive-in movie theaters around, watching the mosquitoes bashing themselves stupid against the glass of the windows that must NEVER be rolled down, watching some of the classics of the late 70’s the way god intended: through a smudged windshield and a fog of my father’s pipe smoke, soundtracks piped in over a tinny, terrible window-mounted speaker. Star Wars, Jaws, Hooper–I saw them all at the drive-in, a double-feature almost every weekend during the summer.

So obviously, I have a weakness for movies shown al fresco. And the folks at Clark Park in University City must suffer from the same affliction, because they’re running a whole series of free outdoor movies starting this weekend. There’ll be food, drink, ice cream, special events. And we have all the details right after the jump.

August 21: The Incredibles

They’re starting off this weekend with a family-friendly one. Locust Moon Comics is going to be there for giveaways. Any kid (under 15) who shows up dressed as their favorite superhero gets a free comic. And food will be provided by Chewy’s, Samosa Deb and Weckerley’s Ice Cream. The special programming (comics and what-not) starts at 7pm. Movie starts at dusk.

August 28: Casablanca

If you don’t go to this, you’re a fool. NOTHING sounds cooler than getting to see Casablanca on the big (outdoor) screen. Food will be provided by Chewy’s, Pitruco Pizza, and Weckerly’s Ice Cream.

September 4: Little Shop of Horrors

Giant, talking, man-eating plant? Perfect for an outdoor movie. Guests who show up early will walk away with mini venus fly traps. Chewy’s, Pitruco and Weckerley’s will be handling the food for this one as well.

September 11: Selma

Some serious fare for those who like their films with absolutely no superheroes or carnivorous plants. But on the other hand, Shake Shack will be there providing grub (along with the usual suspects).

September 18: Best in Show

I love this movie more than I probably should, but any flick that comes with Fred Willard getting to say the line “He went after her like she was made out of ham” deserves to be watched by everyone. Of course, the audience is encouraged to bring their dogs along to this one. The Baltimore Pet Shoppe will be giving out dog treats and goodies, plus raffling off a prize pack with benefits going to PAWS. Representatives from Penn Vet will join in the fun throughout the evening. And grub will be provided by Pitruco Pizza and Weckerly’s Ice Cream.

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