This Weekend: Get Drunk With Monkeys

Okay, maybe not really. But seriously, how awesome would that be?

Wanna go for beers at the Zoo? Of course you do. Which is why we don’t even have to try that hard to sell this one.

So we won’t try to be cutesy when we tell you that from 6-10 pm on Saturday, the Philadelphia Zoo is hosting its annual iteration of the Summer Ale Festival that allows beer drinkers to co-mingle with the species they sometimes resemble upon imbibing too much of the beverage.

Guests can sample unlimited amounts of beer from a few dozen producers, including newcomers Chatty Monks, Chesapeake, Crystal Ball, Stable 12 and Wissahickon. Food vendors will be on hand, too, of course. Most of the zoo’s exhibits will be open–though gates are closed to those who don’t buy a ticket ahead of time. Regular tickets cost $55 or you can upgrade to a $90 VIP ticket that gets you in through a reserved entrance and grants you entrance to a special area with snacks and additional beers. In a brilliant move, the zoo is providing free shuttle service from 30th Street Station.

Go and have a good time, but try not to get too, uh, wild.

Summer Ale Festival [Official]